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  1. Do me and everyone else a favor and put this out in magazine forum.

    Or at least e-mail, you can’t go wrong. Good luck!

  2. Hello,
    Where can I read more about the people behind this magazine? Who writes the articles? What are their beliefs, passions etc.?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Dave,
      Just delete the issue inside Apple Newstand and it will stop renewing. You can also go into itunes when you sync your ipad and change it in the “manage subscriptions” field.

  3. Your recent article “90% of disease and illness is created by the mind is right down my alley. I have been in practice 30years the basis of my work is we create it all.
    My website has a down load for one of my books “Your Body Is Talking Are You Listening? It os a free down load. I would send you a copy but postage to Canada is
    out of site.
    I would like to communicate with you about promoting my books and CD’s
    Dr Art Martin

  4. Hello!
    I love your magazine and until recently had no problem downloading and reading it on my ipad but now I receive this message and it won’t open the magazine at all.

    “The connection to the notification server cannot be established. ”

    I have checked notifications on my ipad and rebooted. I have also deleted the magazine and reloaded but to no avail! Do you have any ideas?? I miss your magazine!!

    Hope you’re having a great day. Kid regards, Julie

  5. Have a Mac air instead of an iPad. Is there any way I can subscribe?? Looks interesting. Am just down the road from you in Montreal..!!

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