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The 7 Secrets for Generating Enlightened Sperm

By Jafree Oswald
The Manifesting Super Gold Pack

What is Enlightened Sperm? Everything in life has a vibration and consciousness to it… yes, even human sperm!

You may think this is a joke yet in 50 years from now this will be common knowledge. Ask any quantum physicist and they’ll agree that a man’s quality of consciousness does effect the consciousness of his little swimmers inside.

When any life form is operating at a higher level of consciousness, it simply functions better. A sperm’s mobility, motility and fertility success are all dramatically improved within a higher conscious man.

If you are a typical man, your ball sack will generates 250 million sperms in 2 days. So tonight you can release the older unconscious crew hanging out in your storage, and follow these 7 enlightening steps below for the next 3 days. This will dramatically transform the energy and consciousness of your troops! Women can also increase their chances of pregnancy by improving their fertility with my proven steps to Enlightened Fertility.

What every man needs to practice before making the leap to have a baby…

1. Meditate on your Balls.

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Become a Great Thinker with 10 Amazing Books recommended by Jordan Peterson

We like to know what informed thinkers read in order to better understand what shaped their worldview. On his website, Jordan Peterson offers his Great Books list, granting insight into the turning of his own mind.

I’ve discovered a few that I’ll pick up from the numerous titles that he offers. The following ten also resonated with me.

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“Reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”

An experiment by Australian scientists has proven that what happens to particles in the past is only decided when they are observed and measured in the future. Until such time, reality is just an abstraction.

Quantum physics is a weird world. It studies subatomic particles, which are the essential building blocks of reality. All matter, including ourselves are made up of them. But, the laws governing the tiny microscopic world seem to be different to those dictating how larger objects behave in our own macroscopic reality.

Quantum laws tend to contradict common sense. At that level, one thing can be two different things simultaneously and be at two different places at the same time. Two particles can be entangled and, when one changes its state, the other will also do so immediately, even if they are at opposite ends of the universe – seemingly acting faster than the speed of light.

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Quantum Suicide and Quantum Immortality

Source: Documentary Heaven

Quantum Suicide is a thought experiment that was originally conceived in 1987 by Hans Moravec but later independently developed by Max Tegmark in 1998.

It is one of those ideas that really squeezes your brain juices in an effort to produce an elixir of profound contemplation.

The idea goes a little something like: get yourself one unobservable room, a healthy physicist and death inducing device i.e. a gun. However it so happens that this gun contains a moving particle and only fires when the particle is moving counterclockwise. There is a 50% chance of this.

The idea is that the physicist is situated in this room alone, holds the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. If the particle is moving counterclockwise we have one dead body and a hell of a mess on our hands (Quantum Suicide), otherwise a misfire is witnessed and the lucky physicist gets to have another go. 

Well probability would have you believe that under these circumstances there is a 50% chance of survival for the first iteration and if you were unlucky enough to die in this sick and twisted room of disparity there is a definite 0% chance of survival, right.

Here is where it gets interesting, Quantum Immortality supposes that at this point the universe splits into two, one where the physicist is dead and one where he is alive. However because in one universe his consciousness is permanently terminated, the physicist can only consciously perceive the other, the one in which he survived. This means that the physicist will only ever experience the gun misfiring and therefore allow for immortality, in his eyes alone.

At this point however if you were to introduce an observer they may very well witness the death of a crazed suicidal physicist and think nothing more of it, as their consciousness remains unaffected by this entire bizarre and can continue going about their business in that particular universe.

MindTrip Magazine

This is merely a thought experiment that currently rests unproven however there are many real world examples that help provide evidence that such quantum operations may exist. One of which is Photosynthesis, it is a known fact that the process of Photosynthesis uses a quantum transport system to figure out the most efficient way to guide incoming light hitting a leaf and store it as energy in a plant or tree’s reaction centers. The light is said to travel through all routes first before choosing the most efficient and because of this it is theoretically possible that your conciseness does something similar and follows all stems of your life choices, ultimately choosing the one where you live the longest.

4 Ways How Staying Mindful Can Boost Your Health

By Sarah Williams

If you’re wondering what aspect of your well-being to work on next, focus on mindfulness.

Why? Because it’s such a simple practice, that’s the opposite of complicating our lives. It’s all about spending time in the present, instead of going back to painful memories or making too many plans about the future and thus bringing unnecessary stress, anxiety and negativism.

To be mindful is to be free of anything that’s not happening right now, simply because you know that the present moment itself is enough.

All that helps you embrace insecurity. You let go of the need to prepare for the future, as that usually isn’t effective. Instead, you’re present and happy with what is.

But let’s talk about the health benefits of mindfulness now.

Yes, staying mindful is closely related to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. So the more mindful you become, the more you boost your health. You will also become more liked and interesting for others, because you are going to actually be present I see them how they truly are. 

Here’s exactly how this happens:

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