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Self-Development Author’s Self-Published Book Selling for $1,000 on Amazon

Source: Uberman! Almost Super Human

Self-development author Jason Mangrum self- published a book in 2011 that is now in such high demand, Amazon retailers are selling it for over $1,000.

Earlier this week, Mangrum was going through his daily business routine, and checked to see if there were any new reviews posted on Amazon for his book. But what he noticed on the web site, shocked him.
Amazon had increased the price of his Paperback to $149.50 for a used copy, and new copies were selling from $715.91 up to $1,111.62 per copy.

The book had become a coveted collectors’ item.

While the book is selling digital copies at $19.95, the Paperback version of the bestseller “Uberman” from nearly five years ago carries a value that most world-class bestselling literary works of art have not yet achieved.

“I’m really not sure how it happened,” explained Jason. “I just stopped ordering proof copies a couple years ago and didn’t think much about it. Then suddenly demand spikes for the paperback and there isn’t enough supply to meet it. So the book’s value skyrockets. That’s my best guess. Now it’s a rare item.”

The book is entitled, “Uberman: Almost Super Human.” It’s a popular self- development book that claims to unlock mysterious mind powers and super-natural abilities in readers who practice the techniques described.

Mangrum has just published a new book called “The Mind Hack Recipe Book: 7 Proven Techniques for Amazing Mind Powers” and is currently in talks with major publishers over a publishing deal for his new book, which features a foreword written by Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 bestselling author and star of the hit movie, “The Secret.”

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