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MindTrip MagazineMaybe you grew up wanting to be a world-class chef, or an inventor, or a writer. Maybe you still do. Maybe you dreamt of somehow changing the world, or starting your own business, or becoming so rich and successful that you know you and your loved ones would live a life abundant in wealth, and never had to worry about money or health. So what happened to all those dreams?

The same thing that always happens.


As you grew older, you started to conform to the norms that society puts on us and had to live in what they call the “real world.” You were told to “stop daydreaming” by your teachers, or “be realistic” by your parents. Bills started rolling in, responsibilities piled up, and before you knew it, your childhood dreams were little more than dust in the wind.

But open your mind for just a few minutes…

And just imagine, that somewhere out there in the deep vastness of space and time, there is another version of you who didn’t give up on those dreams…

Who is telling you that it’s not too late to make them into a reality…

This Secret Is Something That Virtually All The Greatest People Have Used To Succeed, Whether They Knew It Or Not…

This secret changes everything, once you discover it.

And the secret is this: within you exists all the resources you could ever need.

It is a living, thinking archive of potential called your subconscious mind, and it is more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

This hidden, mysterious aspect of your mind stores and retrieves an almost infinite amount of data. In fact, studies say that by the time you reach the age of 21, you’ve already permanently stored more than 100 times the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica in your subconscious.

What this means is that…

When You Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, You Can Unlock Your Own Unlimited Potential

Just imagine an internal vault of omniscient creativity that you can access at any time…

Insights and intuitive answers to any question that your curiosity can possibly conjure up…

Even inner resources that can alter mood, esteem, and confidence… All resting there, within you, waiting to be tapped into at any time. But your subconscious mind is more powerful than just storing knowledge and resources…

It can also search for new knowledge and resources within you, and around you. Information and emotional wisdom that would normally take hundreds of lifetimes to collect…

That you can access at any time, when you discover the truth about your subconscious mind.

The truth that…

There Are Infinite Versions Of You In This Universe, Who Want To Connect With You And See You Succeed…

Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein have long pondered the idea of alternate universes.

Which means that somewhere out there, according the the laws of Quantum Physics, exists a version of you who has already accomplished everything you’ve ever desired.

This is because the universe is so vast and infinite, that there are more possibilities that exist, than you can even imagine…

And in each of these different possible universes exist another version of yourself who has lived a different life, and has the collected knowledge and wisdom from a completely different set of life experiences.

So, every childhood dream you’ve ever let slip away has been accomplished, by one of these versions of you.

And these other versions of you can teach you how to accomplish what they have, because they want to connect with you, see you happy, and be successful.

All you have to do is stretch your mind and imagine, what would it be like if you could take a trip and meet these other versions of yourself?

Quantum JumpingWhat questions would you ask them?

How could their experiences help you grow and achieve your desires?

And how dramatically could this transform your life?

I want you to know that this is possible…

But it takes more than one leap into another universe…

It takes a Quantum Jump.

Introducing… Quantum Jumping

Think of Quantum Jumping as creative visualization like you’ve never experienced it before.

It’s the combination of more than 30 years of research into fields like hypnosis, yoga, meditation, feng shui and remote viewing, to name a few. I’ve experimented and tweaked for maximum results over decades, and Quantum Jumping is the sum total of my experiences.

It is a highly advanced visualization technique that allows you to vividly visualize meeting alternate versions of yourself in alternate universes – and using them to help engineer your ideal existence.

It’s the technique that has served as the backbone for many of my life’s accomplishments. It has helped change the lives of many of my students for the better and now I know it will do the same for you.

About Burt Goldman

I’m one of those lucky people who discovered a secret early in life. When I was just 19, I was stationed in Korea. This is where I met powerful Korean mystic Mr. Kwan Jung and experienced mysticism for the very first time in my life and learned about Qi, or energy, and Li, the control of this energy.

Since then, I’ve spent over 50 years cultivating my knowledge and studying with some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers – so I can teach it to you and thousands of others around the globe. At my peak, I conducted seminars for Heads of States, European royalty and amassed audiences numbering in the hundreds.

Now that I’m almost 90, traveling around the world to do seminars would be a bit too much. So, I’ve decided to spread my knowledge in a different way: through the Internet.

It is my promise to you to offer nothing but proven techniques that have been tested and fine-tuned with hundreds of thousands. Techniques that could very well change your life for the better – just like they’ve changed mine.

 Learn more here: Quantum Jumping —
The Inter-Dimensional Quest For A Better You


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