Why Pay $1000? Here’s Your Free Mantra!

Why would anyone pay Maharishi $1000 for a word?

In his early writings he said “any word, even the word mike can be taken…we find that any sound can serve our purpose of training the mind to become sharp…we select only the suitable mantras of personal gods. Such mantras fetch to us the grace of personal gods.”

If you want the grace of Maharishi ‘s personal gods here is the technique.

1) Pick a mantra from the following list used by *some* TM teachers:

Age Mantra

0-11 eng

12-13 em

14-15 enga

16-17 ema

18-19 ieng

20-21 iem

22-23 ienga

24-25 iema

26-29 shirim

30-34 shiring

35-39 kirim

40-44 kiring

45-49 hirim

50-54 hiring

55-54 hiring

55-59 sham

60- shama

2) The technique is simple (it really is hypnosis): close your eyes – wait about half a minute, then start thinking the mantra over and over again.

At the end of meditation stop thinking the mantra and wait about 2 minutes before opening the eyes.

“In this meditation, we do not concentrate, we do not try to say the mantra clearly. Mental repetition is not a clear pronunciation, it is just a faint idea.

We don’t try to make a rhythm of the mantra. We don’t try to control thoughts. If a thought comes, we do not try to push it out. When we become aware that we are not thinking the mantra, then we quietly come back to the mantra.

Very easily we think the mantra and if at any moment we feel that we are forgetting it, we should not try to persist in repeating it or try to keep on remembering it. Only very easily we start and take it as it comes and do not hold the mantra if it tends to slip away. The mantra may change in different ways. It can get faster or slower, louder or softer, clearer or fainter. Its pronunciation may change, lengthen or shorten or even may appear to be distorted or it may not appear to change at all. In every case, ewe take it as it comes, neither anticipating nor resiting change, just simple innocence.

A word of warning: Many studies (the movement has tried to suppress) have found that approximately 40% of the people who practice TM develop adverse effects.

There, you just saved $1000.

Most TM’ers get advanced techniques of TM about every 18 months. They also cost $1000. The advanced techniques of TM are as follows.

1st Aing Namah

2nd Shri Aing Namah

3rd Shri Aing Namah Namah

4th Shri Shri Aing Namah Namah

5th Shri Shri Aing Aing Namah Namah

6th Shri Shri Aing Aing Namah Namah (The mantra is thought in the heart area of the body).

Shri = oh most beautiful

Aing = Hindu goddess saraswati

Namah = I bow down

Happy trails or in TM speak JAI GURU DEV

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